team sandylew during the current coronavirus moment!


sandy works from home
diligently working from home to stay in touch with all of you!
putting together looks she knows you will like to try "on approval"
creating these boxes of fun!!
daringly posting on
sandylew FaceBook and sandylewseattle InstaGram
and even her new sandylewstyle Youtube channel!



flora at the store
effortlessly working from sandylew
fulfilling and shipping your orders
joining forces with sandy to put together boxes of fun for you to try!
steaming everything that comes in~ to make everything in sandylew without germs
posting positively fabulous new groups of looks on sandylew pinterest!

 ! so hello and welcome to you from team sandylew !

we continue to have fun trying new looks for you!
contact us anytime
leave a message on our store phone 206-903-0303
(we will take a day or so to get back to the phone messages!)