new from ny77!


ny77 tunic

beautiful drape

beautiful shape

with fabulous pants from planet

necklace by transparente

hat by san diego hat company


ny77_short_mesh_top.jpggorgeous from ny77

just right black and white

necklace by karine sultan

hat by san diego hat company

new from planet!


the best, easiest taffeta top ever!

thank you planet!

left necklace by charlene k, hat by san diego hat company

right necklace by grrdog, hat by jeanne simmons



organza drama!

from planet

sparkly jianhui necklace

hat by something special


over jeans in paris?

over chiffon in new york?

so versatile!

so planet!

left hat by san diego hat company

right hat by jeanne simmons



color blocking!

in solid and sophisticated stripe

from planet

hat by jeanne simmons


easy taffeta!

simple shirting!

from planet!

left hat by jeanne simmons

right hat by san diego hat company



beautiful from planet!

the perfect white shirt!

hat by jeanne simmons


planet_white_top_stripe_detail.jpgchic crisp cotton

from planet

necklace by stefans jewelry

hat by san diego hat company

new looks from planet!


spring tees from planet!

super easy!

over the “magic” pant

from rafaello rossi

left necklace by grrdog

right necklace by jianhui london



easy to wear techno/taffeta

perfect for travel

from planet


planet plans this sweater perfectly!

sweater mesh-fabulous sleeves

shown here over a red sophie finzi tank

(sandy’s favorite tank)

paired with a grrdog necklace!

planet_open_jacket_black.jpgsandy loves planet design!

this classic planet jacket

works in every wardrobe

for all of us!

summer and spring on sale at sandylew!

fab beach cover up 
gershon braum
all layered in the best summer way!
!!!comfy, comfy comfy!!!
(los angeles)
gorgeous summer dress
weston wear
(san francisco)
elsewhere  stripes (the netherlands)
planet solid (florida)
 transparente striped vest
sophie finzie dress
(new york)
tulip tunic
 deca skirt
xenia  cotton dress
xenia ~ collar up close
super fun bling necklace for every special moment
ioanna kourbela cotton sweater
 krazy larry  amazing light weight seersucker pants
(new york) 
grizas silk paisley textured cardi 
lior perfectly fitting pant
transparente waaay fun vest
staples easy, perfect summer pant
(los angeles)

sandylew rocks the runway in seattle!!!!!

sandylew rocked the runway
in the big downtown seattle 
rocks the runway
we are proud and we are sharing some of our looks with you
perfect for fall viscose knit jacket
 from gershon bram, israel!
with the best lior (france) slim pant!
check out our beautiful, perfect drape
kimono look from israel!!!!(alembika)
tiny black and white stripes make this
cotton tunic (pockets and all!)perfect 
every day delightful dressing!
crazy cool scarf-matti mamane (israel)
titillating tattoo leggings!(canada) 
our first and fabulous from south korea!
beautiful black and white tweed walking coat-
sandy absolutely loves this!
fun and nutty and chageable!
delicate and edgey mesh button vest
from our friends at xenia design in croatia
over wool polkad dot top from banana blue
sumi sumi -south korea hits it for fun
and for fashion!
wool sweater with a chiffon insert back!
moyuru (japan) handpainted raincoat!
color block alembika (israel) pants
taffeta and jersey from xenia design
a darling flare to the skirt–
sassy for the grown ups!
xenia design at her best!
jersey dress with an assymetric
rumply mesh fabric off shoulder
sooo amazing from croatia!
show stopper!
xenia again!
easy, beautiful and dramatic!
and a nutty grrdog necklace too!
great fall color in boiled wool
from stella carakasi (berkeley)
and hiding under there?
incredibly fun chiffon tunic 
with leather discs!
staples (los angeles)
grand finale for the runway!
most amazing down raincoat ever!!!!
xenia makes winter look 
so stylish so seattle so urban
and in sandylew right now?
from london-very cool thread wrapped
gershon bram (israel) textured chiffon top
and here’s that look again-full size~
check out just a hint of the great hats in for fall!
and here’s that xenia (croatia) showstopper dress!
(next to mado -france saucy sleeveless tunic)
planet (usa) nubby knit cropped turtlenecks
easy essentials!
ombre resin necklace from italy
sumi sumi (south korea) makes the concept
of color block come to life!
fun wool dot scarf from banana blue (australia)
this is really a beautiful ivory color!
from guido lombardi (italy)
warm and wonderful!
totally edgey and totally wearable!
xenia design makes a girl look so good!
here’s the best fun tunic!
goldden leather discs on a great chiffon
with it’s own slip!
from staples (los angeles)
alembika (israel) all the way!
dramatic fleece coat, darling dot tunic
over beautiful drape-y pants!
rubber necklace from transparente (germany)
here’s the lovely detail on the alembika pants
crazy mesh vest (xenia-croatia)
great every day striped tunic (ronen chen-israel)
and a fab necklace/scarf from london
the necklace/scarf from london up close!
hand made, from recycled wood scraps 
hand dip dyed and hand crocheted
a work of art for our necks!
crazy good scarf from matti mamane (israel)
dot crinkle chiffon dress from deca (france)
fun for day fun for night!
 here’s our darling corrina!
wearing her personal favorite-
cable knit wool pullover from sumi sumi (south korea)
alongside on of our new mannequins!
mannie is wearing sumi sumi too!

coats capture the season at sandylew

fall arrived this weekend!
wind and rain and calling for fabulous fall coats 
sandy is so excited for you to see and try
these and all of the great looks
from the usa and worldwide
banana blue -australia
very water resistant! lightweight polyfill!
heavenly hood in the collar!
staples-los angeles
tweed/jersey zipper hoodie
looking good on the street and on the go!
a sleek diagonally buttoned truly urban coat!
lunch/ballet/dinner/theatre–this is the coat!
heart-the netherlands
best boiled wool long look for everyday and night!
see that crazy long hoodie coming to the front?
fun fun fun!
short/sweet/super easy!
this  works for everyone!
moonlight-los angeles
lightweight and easy-the best to go over everything!
sun kim-los angeles
darling/water repellent taffeta!
look like the chic woman you are every day!
sun kim -los angeles
the easiest, olive taffeta jacket ever!
very water repellent and very chic
for all of us women on the go!
great design and great to wear!
always chic, a designer with great lines
gershon bram-israel
short/yummy to wear!
sandy wears it every day now that the weather 
changed to fall!
moonlight-los angeles
handsome/elegant and easy sister!
sun kim-los angeles
that same taffeta jacket in grey!
and there you have just some of the amazing 
looks for fall here at sandylew 
in coats and jackets