new from petit pois!


cool new mesh print

from petit pois

jianhui necklace

hat by san diego hat company



always a sandylew favorite!

this season’s little mesh cardigan

from petit pois

hat by jeanne simmons

petit_pois_print_mesh_tunicfun color!

fabulous drape!

petit pois tunic

jianhui necklace

hat by something special

picks of the week!


corrina’s pick of the week!

“this weston wear top puts me in the mood for spring!

so easy to wear with this stretchy tees by tina skirt!”


chelsea’s pick of the week:

“loved layering this long sleeve comfy shirt with this spirithouse jumper!

the perfect combination of cute and casual!”


deann’s pick of the week:

 “i love this versatile black and white shear dress from comfy

that allows me to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

the print adds a little zip to any day…even our rainy seattle days

when paired with this slick, white rain jacket from ubu!”


emily’s pick of the week:

“this heart top is so wacky and fun, i’d love to see it worn with a blue bow tie!”


morgan’s pick of the week:

“i love this bold print mesh tunic from petit pois

paired with the most comfortable jeans from liverpool!”


sally’s pick of the week:

“i love the color and details in this linen sweater from grizas.

it has a nice drape and feels like spring!”

new from spirithouse!


spirithouse techno fabric rocks!

great drape

great cowl collar

hat by san diego hat company



spirithouse techno fabric tunic

with jianhui neckwear

hat by san diego hat company

spirithouse_zipper_vest_blacktravel perfect

spirithouse pocketed vest

with petit pois mesh tee

hat by something special

new from petit pois!


vibrant color!

beautiful drape!

from petit pois

hat by something special



fit and flare

from petit pois

navy mesh tunic/top

perfect with jianhui necklace


petit_pois_open_mesh_cardigan_printsandy’s favorite!

lots of color

lots of drama

petit pois

does mesh best

hat by something special

new from sun kim!


sandy’s favorite

the 3/4 coat for every occasion!

cool over jeans

amazing for special evenings

sun kim memory taffeta

hat by san diego hat company


crazy fun!

blue dots/black ground

newest taffeta memory fabric

from sun kim

perfect with jianhui neckpiece



new print!

new style!

thank you sun kim!

taffeta memory fabric

hat by jeanne simmons


sun_kim_plaid_vest_skirt.jpggorgeous new print from sun kim!

memory taffeta

over a petit pois mesh tee

hat by san diego hat company