new from lior!


love this lior tunic!

perfect with a short legging from jj


best jeans ever from liverpool!

new to sandylew!

lior swirly tunic

and neo neckwear



make life a little edgier!

jianhui necklace

lior top

connie moonlight skirt

lior_navy_ivory_jacket_mode_de_vie_blue_black_pantnavy, white, and crisp!

lovely lior jacket

perfect fitting mode de vie pant

just in from berkeley, california–xiaoyan!

 edgy, urban graphics
100% cotton top
krazy larry pants!
travel made easy by
jersey skimmer
fabulous tiered polymer necklace from
micahela malin
 jersey skimmer 
perfect graphics from
combined with 
stunning jianhui london 
 a beautiful shirt
made in Berkeley
from xiaoyan
with matti mamane necklace
 dotty graphics
from xiaoyan
transparente necklace
jersey chiffon 
beautifully combined by
resin necklace
lior pants
does a great graphic
over sandy’s beloved 
krazy larry pant
transparente necklace

first spring looks at sandylew! featuring:#blairstanley,#comfy,#sunkim,#krazylarry,#avivityitzar,#tulip,#staples,#lior,#sophiefinzi

new designer  to sandylew!
blair stanley
incredibly beautiful top
over any color for any event!
a new style from comfy!
easy long shirt!
comfy shrug 
jason dress
travel anywhere–everywhere!!
new tee with little pockets from comfy
(sandy loves the new comfy looks!)
best fitting krazy larry pants
lyrically black and white!
and all comfy!!!!
the great “lantern” dress
reimagined by comfy 
with a little open grid fabric for fun and attitude!
simple can be so chic!
comfy tee over comfy leggings!
really easy shrug in a crushed crepe de chine
a little jumper
all comfy!
three layers!
1. comfy shrug
2.comfy pointed tank
3.amazing staples dimensional flower skirt
this look will carry you so fashionably through spring !
the signature comfy  vest- 
in their new cruched crep de chine color-
sandy’s favorite long jacket for any occasion
in a new fabric from comfy!
easy comfy shirting/tunic 
over very fun comfy leggings!
that same comfy fabric in a stylish top
krazy larry pants
pattern in black and white from comfy
easy, fun
tunic or top
either way!
gorgeous color from lior!
great for resort!
great for travel!
great for beach cover up!
or great at the movies!
more color from lior
tunic? top?
works both ways!
a little attitude from lior!
and don’t forget the perfectly easy lior 
vee neck!
great for valentine’s day!
fun black and white tops 
krazy larry crop patterned pants!
sandy loves these !!
sophie finzi understands the fun of dots!
a dress for travel and fun!
sophie finzi tunic and dot leggings
fun can be so easy, yes?!
sophie really hit the mark
with her
black and white looks for spring!
krazy larry
beautiful black and white dress 
sophie finzi
black and white
zig zag
from sophie!
black and white 
polka dot from sophie finzi!
and just to keep us on our toes~
aubergine from sophie
a stunning jacket from
anue ligne tank and krazy larry pant
amazing applied fabric flower fabric
simply put in to this chic top
staples’ signature tunic/dress
this new and amazing fabric!
the fabulous signature sun kim vest and pant
in the new navy color
quite like casual suiting
great for office
great for meetings
(like meeting our girlfriends for lunch!)
tulip outdoes themselves with fabric combinations!
fun with buttons and fabric ~
that is the tulip signature for sure!

the perfect dress for the spring desert visit!
tulip has the easiest cotton for travel!

ticking strip in a shirt works!
from tulip
 and a slightly different style 
in the ticking stripe
avivit yitzar is fabulous this season!
fun shrug 
fun print tank
just plain fun from avivit yitzar
terrific top over krazy larry
or jeans 
or skirt
avivit yitzar knows how to make it work!
avivit masters the one size fits most top!

tulip tank
great by itself 
great for layering!
tulip fine tunes the sundress!
perfect for the tropical getaway!
avivit gives us a chance !
look good and feel good all at the same time!
avivit is so beautiful!
avivit is so yummy to wear!

very fun dress from ryu-korean designed, korean made!
the amazing wildrose tattoo leggings from canada
from france with love!
deca sleeveless chiffon crinkle dress
deca long sleeved crop top
sandy’s favorite truly fun fake pearls!
corrina and becca’s favorite from weston wear!
(a little sweetheart top )
 and shiny linen pants from banana blue (australia)
christopher calvin designs and produces this easy linen top
all in chicago!
tees by tina skirt from odessa florida
comfy leggings from los angeles
and for international relations:
transparents (germany) necklace
onigo hat-canada/madgascar!
this silkbox topis designed by our favorite chinese/american connection 
mystree underpinning mesh layer-also a great chinese/american connection
flutter and squeak leggings-seattle designer with a happy bali production team!
comfy  makes a great top in los angeles!
 lior makes a great pant in france!
from san francisco-weston wear sends us this lovely lace vava voom dress!
and staples (los angeles) keeps the chill off any evening with the best  little chiffon shrug!
usa made fenini perfect tank for summer
israeli made alembika long blue circle /black skirt
a little cross body perforated leather handbag from argentina
kiyo~ a new designer for sandylew from los angeles!
beautiful lightweight linen  tunic/top
more from kiyo
a wonderful popcorn like- breezy summer fabric jacket
fun contrasting zipper
chicago made neesh linen jacket
sophie striped tank all made in manhattan
 gershon braum 

great mesh top from deca-france
amazing krazy larry skirt–new york
a really fun short top from weston wear – san  francisco
and a great chiffon skirt from la fee maraboutee – marseilles

the promise of summer is realized at sandylew!

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totally summer from ryu 
the best tattoo leggings from wild rose

easy cotton from iridium
and a great stretch pant from our 
body friendly french lior pant

orange, silk  and delicious from banana blue
print chiffon sassy skirt from la fee maraboutee
looking good has never been so easy!
iridium cotton shirt
 comfy harem-esque pant

amazing taffeta top from xenia
petit pois mesh tank skimmer
 yea plaid bubble skirt
making a statement can be so simple!
a little blue for summer is sunny!
cotton sweater-moyuru 
silk shirt-banana blue
jacquard skirt-banana blue

fabulous cotton drama in this ioanna kourbela vest
perfectly paired with a comfy modal jumper

elegant sophistication from vanite couture

a little deca lace-ish tank
the most versatile black tank/slip/lace hem 
thing ever!
sophie finzi makes travel so easy!

rock it girlfriend!
weston wear makes all possible 
in this amazing mesh dress!

staples all the way!
the perfect chiffon tee 
a dotty tiered dress!
german design shows off in this great transparent nacklace

a little print summer top from weston wear
the easiest , sassy black skirt from  deca

transparente shirt
vanite couture pant
quite the sophisticated look for summer!

the greeks and australians understand looking good in warm places!
ioanna korbela cotton / silk ever so light sweater
over banana blue textured linen pants

easily the most fun and dramatic look ever
gershon braum
dress and sassy leggings!

linen made sophistcated
linen made easy

get ready for summer at sandylew!

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just in!
great cotton dot tunic from yea
our favorite lior slim crop pant

layering the summer way!
arms covered so easily by sleevey wonders
super light tunic from yea
crazy fun tattoo leggings from wild rose
cool summer cotton tunic from tulip
floats over
comfy and deca mesh layering pieces
more layering to make a look you own!
hail3y:23 white cardi floats ever so  lightly
spirithouse stripe tank tunic
la fee maraboutee chiffon print skirt
sandy loves
stripe and print together!
great texture!
niche long top 
tulip cotton pant
as usual-not at all usual!
ronen chen chiffon
floats the best summer looks!
here in the beautiful chiffon long tank dress
(sleevey wonders helps too!)
texture and plaid!
a great chance to mix it up for summer!
niche top over yea skirt
xenia is so luxe
complimented by comfy shrug & leggings
red beans and rice mesh shrug makes it all work!
over comfy stripe tee
lior crop slim pant
back by popular demand!
damee’s darling little mesh dot cardi
equestrian skirt
and under there?
sandy’s favorite tank top from sophie finzi!
belt that!
our wonderful ada belt 
around a comfy plaid top
topped by
jianhui’s amazing necklace/scarf
make summer easy and comfortable!
moyuru linen top
staples cotton pant