new from planet!


the best, easiest taffeta top ever!

thank you planet!

left necklace by charlene k, hat by san diego hat company

right necklace by grrdog, hat by jeanne simmons



organza drama!

from planet

sparkly jianhui necklace

hat by something special


over jeans in paris?

over chiffon in new york?

so versatile!

so planet!

left hat by san diego hat company

right hat by jeanne simmons



color blocking!

in solid and sophisticated stripe

from planet

hat by jeanne simmons


easy taffeta!

simple shirting!

from planet!

left hat by jeanne simmons

right hat by san diego hat company



beautiful from planet!

the perfect white shirt!

hat by jeanne simmons


planet_white_top_stripe_detail.jpgchic crisp cotton

from planet

necklace by stefans jewelry

hat by san diego hat company