fall heads in to winter with easy looks from sandylew!

night and day!
first winter windows of the year at sandylew!
celebrate by making light of the rain and wind and cold!
come in and play dress up with us
crazy polka dots in cotton from vitamin!
over fab lior pants from france!

great grey zip stretch jacket (art) over a 
yummy anna perrena(israel) mesh skirt
and franck anna(france)print jersey shirt
best boiled wool jacket from heart (dutch)
great green a’nue ligne tank and  purple
(even tho they look blue here) art (dutch)
“traingle” pant-pockets and wide legs!
best lace from germany!-(transparente)
a one size fits most design!
sandy’s own nutty necklace up top!
all from istanbul! gorgeous fall weight turkish 
cotton top and skirt in aubergine(bng)
the best coat ever! from BNG (istanbul)
an amazing lined coat that combines
drama, style and warmth!
another nutty necklace from sandy’s
grrdog metalworks
over an easy winter cotton BNG sweater
retro turkish cotton crazy tied shirt from
BNG-fun necklace from kathleen nowak tucci
(alabama artist)
staples (los angeles) makes holiday shimmer 
easy! over the best slinky caramel colored
pant from crea (france)
how easy is this?!
sun kim (los angeles) gives us this zipper
jacket–over the fun mesh (robin kaplan)
over the textured (sophie finzi) skirt
layers of fun just how we like it!
get that layering mojo in gear!
start with this textured lan vie (california)
add the petit pois (florida) print mesh top and
 finish with planet’s fine assymetric taffeta jacket
and just for fun-a lot of color in this manyu’s scarf!
wrapped like a dress-this transparent (germany) 
cardigan is incredibly versatile! add the ada 
bronze-y wrap bet and you are totally ready
for anything!!!!

shimmmer from istanbul! a lovely fine knit fit for 
the best holiday party! great staples’ waxed
jean leggings and a grrdog necklace make
everything work!
nikki rich (los angeles) with a mysteriously
womnderful sweater-grrdog necklace and 
lauren vidal kind of snake-y leggings!!!
for beautiful blue days-everything french!
mado sweater, franck anna skirt and
lauren vidal slip!

fall frenzy arriving every day at sandylew ! whew !

nifty new niche top from texas
over lovely lanvie skirt from

matti mamane gives a special take
on the little black dress and wows
us over the nutty french mc planet
mesh leggings
(sandy’s must haves-teehee)

new to us -sun kim-bodacious boy-
friend jacket in memory fabric-
waaay cool over grey to blackcuff
stretch denim leggings!

from germany, transparente shows
us how to be nifty, comfortable and
chic all in one top!(those zip bottom
leggings go chic too!)

thank you sofie finzi for sending us
stripes that we all can wear!

lauren vidal from france is in the
house! assymetric and gorgeous
over lan vie’s cool crinkle skirt!
(oops-sandy in end of day
slippers chatting with friends in
the background–)

lan vie again! showing us a perfect
take on the bomber jacket-over
beautiful, subtly plaided “greige”
pants from our old friends at
hanna in los angeles.

hard to see here–a beautiful
crinkled plaid/grid/body friendly
jacket in maroon and black over
the unbelievable red-dot rouched
“floater” made in seattle just for

mc planet sends us this totally
adorable dress/tunic over sunlight
pants-both in that so perfect
euro travel fabric!

lauren vidal hits a perfect grand
slam with this amazing mesh tunic
over her nutty polka dot leggings!
and you know how we feel–nutty
is part of “having fun getting

well–here we are! sandy and cousin joycee-
in the completely waterproof 3/4 jackets
they plan to wear all winter! (treated seams
and everything -all from urbahia in france!)

the most amazing leggings- hand
dyed-assymetric and sooooo cool!
great all around crepe dress under
a very useful red vest from staples–
and do not forget that crazy pearl
necklace! (all one necklace!)

r.browning designs the best sweater
dress/tunic wit a crazy hem-
just so we can show one of our
rouched “floater” layering pieces!

And here we’ve got the neatest
knit (comfy, not hot!) tunic-to
be worn with leggings or nifty