new from desigual!

 soft jersey with sparky print and beaded detail!

sleeveless and chic for summer from desigual

 subtly ribbed

deftly shaped

from desigual

grrdog necklace

 softly ruched super fabric!

deft design from desigual

paired with a grrdog necklace!

 fun for sunny days!

great print and soft fabric

from desigual!

 the perfect vee neck for summer days!

mixed jersey and chiffon

from desigual

 soft summer sweater from desigual

see through to color!

michaela malin necklace

 sandy loves this colorful chiffon look from desigual!

sweater for spring and summer!

lovely, lightweight, and sparkly from desigual!

new from avivit yizhar!

this top from avivit yizhar has great shape and a fun print!

 3/4 sleeve fun script print and fit and flare from avivit yizhar!


michaela malin necklace for a pop of color

avivit yizhar creates a beautiful sleeveless jersey silhouette!

perfectly paired with michaela malin necklace