sandylew snaps into a snazzy spring now!

the boyfriend shirt in washable acetate!
not to mention the great cuffed jeans!
from the canadian co. lundstrom
(really-it is a totally cool stripe!)

another gorgeous rainforest coat!
it is actually a beautiful creamy
sage green–just looks kind of grey
in our photo.

new to sandylew–lan vie-lots of fun
in a stretchy top (we have black and red too!)
with the perfect neesh easy tiered
skirt to be a little sassy !

yippee! from france-lauren vidal
is in the house! lots of amazing
layering in this beautiful sweet pale blue
(she calls it aloe?!) which we also
brought in many ways in a great
taupe called cafe.

silkbox brings us this snap/zipper
number that has drape and pizzazz!

another exciting new line from
france–m.c.planet! this dress,
really the whole group is tres

is it a coat?is it a dress? it is pure
print punch from i.c. collections

i know-hard to see–but so worth
coming in to check out! from a
young, amazing designer we found
in new york-shin–she plays with
cotton jersey to make this very
dramatic deep cowl dress with
a back detail that is faboo!!

aventures des toiles brings color
and style in a mesh top and cotton
skirt-all inspired from paintings
she commissions in paris!

another m.c.planet look–so good!

and from turkey–BNG –the most
beautiful subtle lines and the most
amazing combination of fabric and